About our School


Principal’s Welcome

As Principal I wish you a very warm welcome to Our School! We are at the heart of the Lagos community in Nigeria and in 2012 we have succeeded in providing local families an excellent education delivered by exceptional teachers in award winning facilities.

Judged as a good school by Ofsted our achievements can be seen through rapid improvements in education. We are also making key strides towards creating a school which makes a significant difference to the community we serve and that provides opportunities for all our pupils and students.

Mr. Ayeseteminikan C. Adewale, Principal


Ken-ade PrivateSecondary School was founded in 2013 by Ayeseminikan BSE to provide students with excellent academic programs and a nurturing environment with close student-teacher relationships. Secondary School is a private yet affordable elementary school offering a stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment to ensure our students experience success every day.

  • Ken-ade Private Secondary School was founded in 2012 by Ayeseminikan BSE
  • We Provide your wards with excellent academic programs
  • Stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment
  • A private yet affordable elementary school
  • Students experience success every day
  • Supportive environment to ensure


We are Private yet affordable Elementary/Secondary schools serving the low income earners in Makoko, Lagos. Our School fees range from NGN15,000(for Junior School) to NGN19,000 (For Senior Secondary School) Our Elementary School fees is also very small compared to other schools that charges huge.

Private yet affordable elementary school offering a stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment.

Our School fees is very low yet we give the best to the future leaders. Our entrance examination is computer based, this is to prepare the children against the challenge of JAMB phobia and to build confidence in them. We have up to 12 sister’s Schools in USA, UK, India and Kenya. We are the first and only school in Nigeria that featured in Professor James Tooley’s “The beautiful tree” also Harry Singer foundation.